Singer-songwriter Dan Arsenault’s avant-garde music infuses classic progressive rock and modern hard rock vibes - crafting a unique style of accessible songs that truly inspires the listeners. Dan’s upcoming concept album, ‘Signs point to Yes’, will truly showcase his passionate composing and producing skills, through the story journey of a young kid on his quest for musical stardom and happiness.


Born and raised in Atlantic Canada - home of many great artists, Dan started playing guitar in his early teenage years, along many friends, being heavily influenced by the 70-80’s music scene. As a self-taught musician playing in various bands, he experimented with instruments and sound effects.  Dan’s taste in music genre greatly varied in his adult life, you can surely spot many of his major influences in his songs, ranging from Porcupine Tree to the Beatles.  His lyrical metaphore style along his punched-in odd signature moments,  brings a strange complexity to the songs always leaving you discovering something new in each playbacks.


Dan’s first official released music arrived in 2021, with his first full length album ‘Eminence’ which was nominated for recording of the year at the MNB Awards 2021 and was highly accepted by the progressive music community and qualified as a hidden jewel.


‘’His melodies feel purposeful’’ - Jason Spencer, The PROG Mind


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